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There are many different approaches to Massage Therapy. At Apex Kinetics we suit the massage treatment to your individual needs. While relaxation is very beneficial, our focus is more so about getting you relief from pain and improving muscle function.

In your initial visit we will analyze your movement and test to see which muscles are firing, which ones aren't, and if they're working in the right order. Instead of assuming an underactive muscle is weak, we want to make sure its turning on when it is supposed to. In each following visit we monitor your progress and make adjustments accordingly.

If more strengthening is what is needed, we are qualified as Certified Personal Trainers as well as Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists.

We find that a combination of Massage Therapy, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Corrective Exercise and Strengthening are what has gotten our clients the best overall results.

Our expertise and unique approach in tracking down the source of the pain and/or disfunction is what we believe sets us apart from other massage practices as well as other medical practices.

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